An offline and mobile-friendly, time tracker and analyzer, without server needed.

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Easy to run

As simple as a click !

You just need to download the static files (like html, css and javascript) and open it in your (modern) web-browser.

You don't need of a backend because all your data is stored in your browser.

No need of network

Offline-first credo

The application has its own embedded database, so you can keep tracking your time even when you are offline !

Free and open-source

We cannot assure you that we are take a look on your data if we cannot prove it to you !

So, you can get the source-code of this software to check it, and even modify it !

And you can use it as you want thanks to the MIT licence !

A portable application

Based on web technologies

Thank to the interoperability of the web technologies, you can run this application on all the platform you need : Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, iOS, ...

Easy to save

Backup is the crux of the battle !

You can save your activities of your session in a single file, and/or save them in your CouchDB server.

We cannot take a look on your data, so always keep in mind that you are responsible of your data !

Split your activities


You can split your activities, so for example you can :

  • use a session for your professionnal activities
  • use a session for your sleep activity
  • use a session for your sport activity
  • ...

This allow to save only the data from your professionnal activities on your employer's servers, by example.


Custom fields by session

You can add custom fields for each session, so for example you can :

  • Add an client field for your professionnal activities, where you store the name of the client you workend on this activity
  • Add an quality field for your sleep activity, so you can rate the quality of your sleep
  • ...



You can filter your data with your custom fields and then render them in sweet charts.

Otherwise, why collect all this data ?

Easy to understand

Based on Google's Material Design

Build with a Material Design framework, the application looks like to any other.


Translated Interface

All the items of the User Interface can be translated.

Use it, now !
Download ikiliptus